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MISTER FITCH is the reference bike frequently met on the street. MISTER FITCH is the older bike of the collection, an unbeatable one.

MISTER FITCH is the flagship bike of the FITCH BIKE collection

It was the first bike, the one that launched the FITCH BIKE adventure with MISS FITCH.

With its big size and its breadth, MISTER FITCH is the usual bike for men thanks to the masculine look. The color selection of frames and mudguards are created for men. They respond to their needs, the fashion style, the season tints and the others customized needs.

Several accessories are adjustable on MISTER FITCH. They customize this masculine bike sometimes adventurer, city, sport or more classic.

Its characteristics

  • Frame : Aluminum alloy
  • Rims : Aluminum alloy
  • Tires : KENDA MTB type 26 * 4.0 CST
  • Brakes : TEKTRO hydraulic disc
  • Derailleur : Shimano Acera 7 Speeds
  • Handlebar : Steel
  • Saddle : Alloy with suspensions, SR brand
  • Front fork : Steel
  • Engine : 250W located in the rear wheel
  • Battery : 36V 20Ah Samsung LITHIUM
  • Battery power : 720 Wh
  • Battery cycle : 700 charges
  • Loading time : 5 hours
  • Speed : 0-25 km /h
  • Autonomy : 60 – 80 km
  • Working : 5 levels of pedaling assistance
  • Screen : LCD showing speed, battery life and battery charge
Fitch Bike - Mister Fitch

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