Fitch Bike



The electric bikes technology is very recent and it’s only the beginning of theses unmissable evolutions. Our habits and needs are evolving, our demands too.

FITCH BIKE works hard to keep its level of requirement, the quality of its bikes, its technology and the brand always continues to develop itself.

Our bikes are always evolving, new ranges of bikes are in development in order to offer an entire FITCH product.

Fabricant vélo électrique sur-mesure Rouen - Fitch Bike
Fabricant vélo électrique sur-mesure Rouen - Fitch Bike



Un large choix d’accessoires de qualité peaufinera l’ensemble : selles, sacoches, paniers, poignées, guidons, casques, etc.

The proposed range bikes are only the basics of our expertise and of your FITCH BIKE.
We give to our consumers the opportunity to totally customize their bikes working on tailor-made painting.

We’ll put your project in our partner’s skilled hands, artist in two-wheeled vehicles for an amazing and unique result.

A deep choice of accessories will bring finishing touch such as : saddles, bags, baskets, handles, handlebars and cycling helmets.



The customization of your eclectic FITCH BIKE with your company’s colors can be realized with paint, once your bike is disassembled, or with the ad of a printed aluminum plate.
There are two level of customization to respond to all the requests.

Fabricant vélo électrique sur-mesure Rouen - Fitch Bike

I want a FITCH BIKE to look like me